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As with all software, GrabIt has some known problems which haven't been fixed yet.

The 'large group bug'
  GrabIt is not able to handle the headers of really large groups at this moment. The maximum amount of headers GrabIt can handle depends on your computer. When GrabIt hits its limit on your system, it will download all the headers, but will not show them. Or it will be stuck processing them for a really long time (hours).
NOTE 1: Since release 1.5.2 there is an option to limit the maximum amount of headers per group.
NOTE 2: Since release 1.6.0 GrabIt features new technology (Usenet Browser) to view the contents of a newsgroup without downloading headers.
  Latest news  
Oct 26th 2017
GrabIt 1.7.5 beta was just released. The super large groups now show up in the grouplist again. There are also some small performance improvements.

Apr 9th 2017
Fixed some small bugs and did some performance enhancements. The updated version is now available in the form of GrabIt 1.7.4 Beta 2. Happy grabbing!

Mar 1st 2017
Go download GrabIt 1.7.4 Beta! It fixes the 'No articles for this Grab' error message for newer binaries. Happy grabbing!

Dec 26th 2014
GrabIt 1.7.3 beta is now available. It fixes some SSL problems and process PAR files a lot faster. Happy grabbing!

Nov 12th 2011
We are experiencing a routing problem in one of our datacenters. So some people will not have the latest search engine results and some people who purchased a new account in the last few hours will not be able to use it yet. We are working on a fix right now.

UPDATE: Problem is fixed. All accounts have been created and the search engine is up to date again.

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